Cerro Frías

The tour includes transportation from your hotel in El Calafate to the beginning point. It starts from “Estancia Alice”, located 25 km away from El Calafate, where you are able to see Lenga forests along the way, sunsets with a variety of colors and flora and fauna.

The route begins, crossing a plain, to start climbing the slope of the mountain. After 30 minutes, already have significant views of the “Centinela Valley” and the “Torres del Paine”. The tour continues to rise, reaching the highest hill field where there are cows, guanacos, hares and wild horses.

A few kilometers from El Calafate, on the way to “Perito Moreno glacier”, is the Cerro Frias in the middle of the steppe, which doesn`t belong to any mountain range, allowing to appreciate spectacular panoramic views of the Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy, cordon of Crystals, Brazo Rico, north arm and main body of Lake Argentino, Boca del Diablo, Magallanes Peninsula and Avellaneda Peninsula.

This ending descends from the mountain and return to El Calafate city.

Balcones de Calafate.

Excellent half-day option for either a free morning or afternoon, without any difficulty.
Leaving the hotel you travel around 35 KM over the line of hills located behind the village. Then you enter the steppe to 1050 meters above the sea level where we can find incredible views.
The first stop is at a natural balcony where you can enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate and the “Lago Argentino”. The also tour offers views of the Andes and the accumulation zone of glaciers, to the “Boca Del Diablo” (the narrowest part of the lake, toward the Upsala), if clear Fitz Roy and Torre in Chalten and you will see the condors flying.
Next you will reach the Stone Labyrinth (A 85 million years old stone formation), once riverbed where today we can find fossils that refer us to the past. From there we began the descent and reach the Stone of Hats, curious iron concretions that are only found in four locations around the world.
Return to El Calafate without losing the sight of the stunning Lago Argentino.

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