The tour begins when you are picked up at your hotel in El Calafate and start a 75km ride to the Los Glaciares National Park. At the “Bajo las Sombras port”, located 5 km away the glacier, you will embark to cross the “Rico Lake” and descend on the southwestern coast after a 20 minutes sailing. The tour guides will lead you to a shelter in the forest where they organize small groups. The trekking begins heading the glacier, where, after reaching the ice, with iron crampons provided by the company to walk on this surface. The tour on the glacier is about an hour and a half, in which cracks, seracs, sinks and small lakes can be appreciated. The hike is moderate and you will walk on an irregular, but firm and safe ice surface.

Later, you will return to “Bajo las Sombras port” to visit the walkways located in front of the glacier, where you can have a different view of the landscape. Finally, you go back to the El Calafate city after visiting and walking on one of the most famous and unique glacier of its kind in the world.

No previous experience required and any person who fullfills the age requirement and a minimum fitness can do it.You must wear waterproof clothes, trekking shoes, sunglasses, gloves and sunscreen protection

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